Communication Studies Associates, Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Texas

Prestigious colleges and universities throughout Texas offer students an excellent array of communication degree programs in concentrations including advertising, public relations, communication sciences, communication studies, journalism, radio-television-film, media production, media studies, and even integrated, interpersonal, corporate and health specific communications. Many school programs help to jump-start early careers through internship opportunities with local communication business such as the Clear Channel Communications, Red Bull Communications and the Richards Group. Armed with a communications degree, graduates could join the communications industry in Texas by securing jobs in local magazines like the Good Life Magazine, newspapers like the El Mundo, television stations like the KEYE-TV and much more.

Undergraduate Degrees in Communications – Choosing to earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree with a major in communications will give you the qualifications you need to start a career in mass media and digital communications. Whether you’re interested in journalism and independent filmmaking, or marketing and public relations, the know-how needed to reach people with a targeted message starts with a degree in communications.

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Master’s Degrees in Communications – No matter your professional background or undergraduate major, you could earn a master’s in communications to prepare for a career in any number of diverse areas that include journalism, public relations, marketing, digital media and more.

Print Publishing

Texas is serious about publishing and has recently made headlines by becoming a public crusader for the protection of free market competition and consumers alike. On April 11, 2012, the Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott together with several other state attorney generals filed suit against three of the nation’s biggest publishing companies Penguin Group, Inc., Simon & Schuster, Inc., and Macmillan Holdings, LLC., along with Apple, Inc. on charges of price fixing the sale of e-Books, a direct violation of state and federal antitrust laws. By taking stern legal action against corporate publishers, Texas has reaffirmed its support for small and independently owned publishing companies across the state like the Bard Press, DFW Independent Publishers, Corona Publishing Company and Dalton Publishing.

Local Book Publishers:

  • The Ultimate Publishing House
  • Bright Sky Press
  • Greenleaf Book Group, LLC
  • Right Brain Press

Resources for Publishing Majors


Over 4,000 reporters and correspondents are currently employed in the journalism industry throughout Texas. Here, the three biggest employers for journalists are newspaper, book and directory publishers, religious organizations, and cable and other subscription programming companies. By and far, the newspapers with the highest circulation are the Dallas Morning News and the Houston Chronicle. Due to strong presence of the Hispanic community, Texas also produces several Spanish and bi-lingual periodicals like the Semana Houston, the La Prensa de San Antonio and the El Sol Latino Lubbock.

Small Town Periodicals:

  • Alvord Sunset Gazette
  • The Lakelander
  • Trammel Trace Tribune
  • The Munday Courier

Resources for Journalism Majors

TV and Radio Broadcasting

With dozens upon dozens of radio stations covering all musical genres and informational interests, Texas radio broadcasting has been satisfying the listening pleasures of its residents for nearly a hundred years. One of the oldest stations, WBAP-AM, made radio history by becoming the first stations in the country to adopt an audible logo signals, to air livestock reports, and to broadcast regularly scheduled newscasts.  Country music lovers in Northern Texas satiate their listening appetites by tuning into KSCS-FM, a widely popular and elusively country music station located in Dallas. Texans with more diverse musical tastes dial into indie KTSW 89.9 which caters to the college crowd of Texas State University and audiences along the I-35 corridor.

All major television networks, ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS and PBS, are active participants in the television broadcasting system in Texas. The state provides viewers with several different types of television broadcasting as well.  For commercial broadcasting, residents turn to stations like KDAF while Spanish speakers may prefer stations such as KZJL. Those desiring more educational broadcasting typically back stations like KLRN while advocates of religious broadcasting support stations such as KPLE.

Independent Networks:

  • KGBS
  • KINT
  • KTMD
  • KVDA

Resource for TV and Radio Broadcasting Majors

Texas Association of Broadcasters

Public Relations and Marketing Firms

The top ten public relations and marketing firms of 2011 in Texas include:

  • Pierpont Communications
  • Edelman
  • Shelton Group
  • MWW Group
  • MM2 Public Relations
  • Michael A. Burns and Associates
  • M/C/C
  • Open Channels Group
  • Dawson & Murray & Teague
  • BizCom Associates