Improving Communications with Cutting-Edge Tech Tools

According to reports released by the Kauffman Foundation, the rate of new entrepreneurs in the United States rose by roughly 10% from 2014 to 2015.

As more people continue creating their own companies, the demand for cost-effective and timesaving ways to improve communications will likewise rise. Luckily, there are now several services and tools available on the market enabling businesses to easily communicate with wide audiences without expending unnecessary money or labor resources.

Nudgespot is a messenger app that appears as a screen icon on the bottom right on websites and mobile apps. The tool is designed to allow online businesses and their support teams communicate with visitors while monitoring how they interact with the site in real time. Team members using Nudgespot can also add coworkers to conversations, assign employee tasks, and define communication goals.

BuzzStream is marketing device that helps users build a database of potential contacts by simply clicking on social media profiles, search result lists, bloggers, and websites. BuzzStream can also take a catalog of URLs and dig up related contact data, social metrics, and website statistics. From this information, BuzzStream can then sort your contact list according to their level of influence, authority, and user interaction.

QuickMail is an email management tool that enables the user to send automated outbound emails at scale. Users can also schedule follow-up emails, which QuickMail can access while tracking which recipients respond to outgoing emails. As an added perk, QuickMail lets users add customization and variation features to their emails so they have a more personalized look.

Calendly is an interactive calendar device used to more seamlessly schedule meetings. Calendly is basically a URL that displays events grabbed from the user’s Google or Office 365 calendars. Co-workers and clients can then look at the URL to find which dates and times the user is available for meetings. Calendly even offers automated meeting confirmations and reminder emails.